We are a part of the Czech Chamber of Commerce

CCLI is a professional association of operators of games of chance with a more than 20 year tradition. We support transparent business in games of chance and its effective regulation.

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We carefully follow all that happens in our field

We provide information to entrepreneurs and feedback to regulatory organs and we strengthen the social responsibility of lotteries and similar games.

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We protect the interests and rights of business

We support certainty in business and assist regulators in the fight against grey economy and illegal activities.

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CCLI is the oldest representative of the field in Czech Republic.

The Czech Chamber of Lottery Industries (CCLI) is a traditional professional association of firms doing business in the field of lotteries and games of chance and has served as a professional body within the Czech Chamber of Commerce since the 1990s. CCLI is a stakeholder for legislation related to lotteries and a transparent forum for the exchange of information in the field. Members of CCLI do business in most of the branches of the gaming industry, operating both number draw and instant win lotteries, betting odds, casinos and gaming rooms. In addition to the operation of games of chance, an important part of business activities is also production of gaming facilities and equipment for export.

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Valuable information for all

Games of chance are a phenomenon existing since the start of civilization. The present day is characterized by the transfer of offers of games of chance onto the Internet and an increased emphasis on user protection.

Of interest to you

We represent a traditional industry which is developing dynamically thanks to new technologies and is changing to fit user habits.

Who we are?

ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

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