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The Czech Chamber of Lottery Industries is a traditional professional association of firms doing business in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

Our past

ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance. This field had been renewed and restored after 1989 as per conditions enabled by the passing of act 202/1990 Sb., concerning lotteries and other related games. Long-term ČKLP president JUDr. Ivo Kasal played a significant role in its function by working with games of chance as a legal expert and organizer of specialized exhibitions, as well as author and co-author of a range of specialist and popular instructional publications.

Private subjects doing business in all branches of games of chance from number draw lotteries and betting odds to operators of gaming rooms and casinos appeared quickly after a near fifty year state monopoly in games of chance, itself in line with traditions of the first republic, had ended. Due to each game of chance having its own specific market and conditions of operation, there gradually emerged a range of different professional associations, each representing a partial segment of the overall market. ČKLP, however, had an overarching statute as part of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and as the official stakeholder for lottery legislation.

As when it was established, so at present, the activities of ČKLP are important for the exchange of information between the business sector and the regulator – the Czech Ministry of Finance – as well as municipal and regional authorities in several segments of games of chance.

Our present

Lotteries and games of chance comprise a very dynamic business branch which presents great opportunities, while posing great risk, to entrepreneurs. Opportunities stem primarily from a steep increase in the development of both technical aspects and electronic games of chance, as well as the growing trend of games of chance being operated on the Internet, itself an element of the lifestyle of the new generation playing games of chance. Risk is associated with the high degree of instability of the business environment, brought about by legislative change in taxation and licensing; as well as in the spontaneous creation of local and municipal ordinances concerning gaming rooms and casinos.

In such a situation, ČKLP functions as a key forum for communication among operators of games of chance, state-wide and local regulatory bodies and even the general public. ČKLP has organized a seminar series aimed at unifying regulatory approach and the establishment of norms for operators of games of chance and the Czech Ministry of Finance as legislative gestor and regulator. Such has been done in anticipation of the approaching date of validity of a collection of statutes concerning games of chance, such as laws regulating, taxing and transacting hazard games; as well as new amendments and self-administration which will play a key role in the easing and regulation of games of chance in brick-and-mortar shops.

Chamber Organs

The general assembly of its members is a key organ of ČKLP, as in other professional associations. Chamber activities are managed its Board of Directors. The ČKLP president leads the Chamber, manages its daily activities and acts as its representative. Stanislav Brunclik was elected ČKLP president in the spring of 2016.

Statutes CCLI


ČKLP policy is followed by members and business subjects of the games of chance market in accordance with all laws, edicts and other regulatory acts. Beyond stipulating that applicable laws be followed, policy also calls upon members to do business ethically and in accordance with particular requirements for the protection of users and players of games of chance. For this reason, ČKLP requires of its members that:

  • All business is done in accordance with laws, edicts, licenses and approvals granted individually;
  • All courses of action are transparent in relation to ČKLP and among members in the interests of fair play and competition;
  • All principles of safe play are maintained and encouraged in relation to customers, both users and players of games of chance.

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Who we are?

ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

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