Principles of Responsible Gaming

  1. The basis of responsible gaming is to know when to stop.
  2. Do not exceed maximum acceptable loss set before starting to play.
  3. Do not play to regain previous losses.
  4. Work and family responsibilities take priority over gaming.
  5. Deciding to play is a personal choice and no one must be made to play.
  6. Remember there are other ways to spend free time than gaming.
  7. Never borrow money for gaming.
  8. Avoid gaming if you feel lonely, upset or under stress and if you have personal or family problems.
  9. Drink responsibly. Alcohol lowers inhibition as well as ability to stop within set limits for loss.
  10. Regard gaming as entertainment and not as a means of earning money.

Our Activities

Who we are?

ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

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