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We are able to map the actual level of offers of games of chance in brick-and-mortar shops and provide a self-administrating, quality view for regulation.

Inventory of Brick-and-Mortar Shops

All regional centres, most local towns and a range of smaller municipalities and communities regulate casinoes and gaming rooms with binding local and municipal edicts. The inventory of casinos and gaming rooms, organized by ČKLP, is an important measure applied for proper regulation.

Employees visit all businesses operating games of chance and registered in the land registry as part of inventory. Each business is visited twice: once during daytime and once at night. Statistical records about the appearance and facilities of the business are collected and photographs are documented. Local or state police are requested to provide records to demonstrate if disturbances or public disorders have occurred at each business.

An objective evaluation is reached on the basis of gathered evidence and used for determining what form local or municipal binding edicts may take. The inventory project has been carried out in Prague, Kladno and Karlovy Vary. It is being prepared for further locations.

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Who we are?

ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

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