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The city of Kladno, which recently abandoned the zero tolerance policy, prepared a new ordinance in cooperation with the CCLI

In 2016 the statutory city of Kladno signed a cooperation memorandum with the Czech Chamber of Lottery Industries which consequently started the project of Stock-taking.

Thirty-nine gaming establishments including two new casinos in Kladno shopping malls were put through a filter of quality evaluation to be used by the city to assess its needs as well as to define parameters to be set in accord with the new gambling laws. The new legally binding decree is designed to regulate the availability of lottery and other such gaming businesses on the territory of the city in the long term and at the same time to help to cultivate the entrepreneurial environment.

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ČKLP was established in the 1990s as a professional association within the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and has served to represent the business sector in the field of lotteries and games of chance.

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