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A successful Workshop of the CCLI and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Nearly 160 operators of all branches of the lottery businesses from all over the world gathered to take part in a CCLI Workshop, which took place on Wednesday October 5th 2016. The main subject in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance was the current state of affairs and the implementation of the new lottery act which is gradually being put into action and should be fully operational from January 1, 2017. The meeting answered many pending issues, and as usually the case, it opened some new ones. The CCLI shall address the Ministry of Finance’s division No 34. once again with suggestions, after gathering responses from the lottery markets and assessing the outcome of the Workshop.

Mr. Tomáš Vrbík, the secretary of the Czech Chamber of Commerce was a guest at the Workshop. He assured the participants of the close cooperation between the CCLI and he Chamber of Commerce, which is prepared to use all available measures to support the efforts of the CCLI in its quest of making sure the implementation of the new legislation including the by-laws will go smoothly.

“Once again I would like to apprise the cooperation with division 34. of the Ministry of Finance and its director Mr. Bláha. His whole team, despite a number of obstacles joint in an effort to create a very acceptable entrepreneurial environment. This is important not only for business itself, but for installation of all elements of protection of the problematic gamers, which was one of the key aims of the new legislation".

The President of the CCLI Stanislav Brunclík

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